Simultaneous interpretation From a soundproofed booth, the interpreter transmits the speaker’s words simultaneously. Simultaneous interpretation is most suited to conferences, meetings, congresses attended by a multilingual audience. Consecutive interpretation The interpreter takes notes and translates the speaker’s words at more or less regular intervals without headphones. Consecutive interpretation is particularly suited to meetings with a reduced number of participants, press conferences and visits of industrial sites.
Translation Fields of activities : - technology and science - fundamental research - among others (aeronautics, material studies, mechanics, laser technology, optics, optronics, - electricity, electronics, chemistry….) Text types: - scientific and technical texts - technical data sheets - Patent - legal and administrative texts - website - all other text types
Clients UBS, Raiffeisen, Swisscom, Swiss Post, Securitas, Emirates Airlines, Porsche, Audi, Denner, Jansen-Cilag, Daiichy Sankyo, HP, Zürich Tourism, Fair Köln...
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